The Cyclos USSD scripts offer a secure, low-end channel for making payments on all mobile phones.

USSD Banking

USSD Banking secure, customizable and low-end

If the Telco’s in your country allow access to USSD, then this is the safest form to offer banking to clients who do not own a smartphone. Almost all phones support the USSD protocol that can be activated by the local Telco. The client can initiate the USSD session by sending an SMS or calling a specific code (e.g. “*120*”). Subsequently, an USSD menu appears on the mobile phone, which allows the client to pay, retrieve the account balance, views transaction history, etc. Cyclos offers a USSD script written in Groovy, which can be customized by the system administrator to fit the system’s local needs. This script can be found here.

USSD features



Your clients can pay other users to their account by using their mobile phone number, email, account number or any identification method.

Account and transition fees

Get balance

Current balance and credit limit can be easily retrieved.

Open API


The USSD functionality uses the Cyclos scripting module. Extra features such as register user or info texts can easily be added.

View last transactions

View transactions

View the last 3 transactions and scroll through history.