Due to the high volume of requests we can only give support at a rate of 100 euro per hour to medium or large licensees.


Our ambition is to keep Cyclos an innovative and leading project. Therefore we are focusing our attention on the further development of Cyclos. Due to the high volume of requests we do not have the time and resources to give free dedicated support or consultancy.

To help Cyclos administrators we made the following documentation available online:

  • This Cyclos website offers a good starting point where you can find information and links to other information sources.
  • A good first step would be to read the Features page. This page provides an overview of the functionality.
  • The FAQ answers the most common questions or directs you to the location where the information can be found.
  • The Cyclos demo allows you to explore some end user functionalities.
  • Cyclos can be downloaded when you register at the Cyclos 4 license server.
  • For hosting issues, please go to the Cyclos hosting page.
  • A complete overview of all the documentation resources can be found here.
  • If have any other questions, please go to the user forum. You can request a forum user at this page.
  • To projects using a medium or large Cyclos 4 license we give dedicated support. The license agreement includes a number of hours of support and support tariffs. For these licensees our standard consultancy fee is 100 euro per hour.

For information about Cyclos 4 communities support please go to