Cyclos 3 an overview of the different downloads

Documentation about installation and configuration can be found at the Cyclos wiki.
Questions about the installation and problem reporting can be posted at the Cyclos forum.

The following installation packages are available:

Stand alone (quick) install versions for Windows and Linux

This installation is just one file that can be downloaded from source forge. It works on any Windows version and any Linux distribution.
It only needs Java to be installed on your computer. You can just unzip the file and run the start-cyclos script. This version uses an embedded database (HSQL) and is a good install to test or evaluate the Cyclos software. The basic install can also be used as a production version but in this case we recommend to switch from the HSQL to MySQL database (the readme.txt file that comes with the standalone explains how to do this).


Basic installation package

The basic installation package contains the binary, all necessary libraries and the source code. To install Cyclos from the basic package you will need an operating system with Java, a web container and a MySQL database. Expertise about web containers and SQL database management is necessary.


Upgrade package

This package contains the Cyclos binary code but not the third party libraries. Therefore the size of this package is relatively small (11 Mb). Normally this is the only package that is needed for an upgrade of Cyclos. In the ‘Docs’ directory you can find the change log that lists the new features, bug fixes, new or changed third party libraries and the names of new translation files and keys.


Test tools

This package contains the following tools for testing.

  • Testbed for creation of test databases.
  • Selenium for functional testsuites.
  • SoapUI and Jmeter frameworks for performance testing and reporting.


Smartphone app source code

Mobile (smartphone) apps are available for Android, Iphone and Blackberry.
Installation instructions can be found at the Cyclos Wiki – Mobile app.


SMS module

This package contains the SMS module and simulation software. Installation instructions can be found at the Cyclos Wiki – SMS module.