Cyclos 4 download

Thank you for using Cyclos 4. Please study our documentation page before you get started. If you have technical questions please use our forum, please also be so kind to help other users on our forum.

Upgrading Cyclos


Logging has undergone deep changes. Now Cyclos supports logging to an external database, which is recommended for live systems. File logging is the default, and is also supported, but the log directory, maximum file size and maximum number of files are no longer set in the application’s configuration, but in instead. So, when upgrading, either to keep logging to the current location or to change the log destination to an external database, you should see in the WEB-INF/classes/ file the available log settings.

All e-mails which are sent by Cyclos now use a template. It is a static content which can be customized per configuration. All previously customized translation keys for emails have changed, and the text have to be customized again, if needed.