Campus card systems

A University campus, where a lot of local economic activity is happening is an ideal environment to implement an Campus card (payment) system with Cyclos. Some of the features are:

  • Student-to-Business payments (Parking, Copy/printing, Laundry, Bookstore, Restaurant, Housing, Events & Activities, Tuition).
  • Student-to-Student micro payments (any goods or services exchanged among students).
  • External-to-Student payment (donations from parents, who can specify payment destination).
  • Student loans (emission/management).
  • Market place (students can post advertisements for goods and services they offer or want).
  • Market place notifications. SMS or e-mails can be sent automatically when personal criteria are matched in the marketplace.
  • University notifications & mailings can be sent to groups of students by e-mail and/or SMS (events, emergencies).
  • Student business profile (profiles can be included in a website that can be viewed by local businesses).
  • Job board (local business can publish Jobs & internships).
  • Available channels: Web, card/POS, mobile.
  • Independent: Not bound to contracts with specific software providers and banks.