Barter networks & Trade exchanges

Brazil’s biggest barter Tradaq and the famous C3 Sardex (listed FT 1000) both use Cyclos.

Cyclos helped us by making Sardex the success it is today. Our mutual credit network is handling a very large amount of transactions per day, it’s crucial that they are all processed well. Luckily we found Cyclos which gave us freedom to experiment (in dev phase) and security by architecture (in production). It is reliable, well built and can handle high volumes of transactions.

Giuseppe Littera – CTO Sardex

Commercial credit circuits

Mutual credit in a closed trading environment has been practised by commercial barters for a long time. Now a next generation is emerging: the community oriented mutual credit circuits. These do not only involve businesses, but include consumers and potentially local governments who cooperate to promote sustainable economic development.

The success of Sardex, a young trade community in Sardinia, shows the usefulness of Cyclos. The coming years STRO and Sardex will cooperate in order to add functionalities to Cyclos that further reinforce this promising new line of business.

See how fast Cyclos based barter-businesses conquer the Italian market: – Sardinia – Central Italy – Region of Marche – Rome and Lazio region – Piedmont


For barter companies Cyclos provides many interesting features. The dynamic group and accounting structure allows barters to give different members specific permissions, accounts, currencies and content. Members can just place simple ads on the marketplace, but can also have their own webshops, complete with shipping procedures and inventory tracking.

The advanced broker functionality allows brokers to give adequate support to their members. A big advantage of Cyclos is that administrators can exactly configure which permissions members have and which permissions brokers have over ‘their’ members.

The payment platform is superior to other barter software. The complete monetary structure can be designed from scratch. Also the open API allows you to link other software to Cyclos, SMS payments can be enabled within minutes and a mobile app is available for your customers for free.