WordPress plugins

The Cyclos team created some handy WordPress plugins, free to use for anyone using WordPress.

WordPress plugins

If you use WordPress to manage your website, there are currently two WordPress plugins you can use to let your website visitor interact with your Cyclos installation. One is the Cyclos login plugin, to allow users to log in into your Cyclos installation directly from your WordPress website. The other is the Cyclos Users Map plugin, which lets you create a map on your WordPress website showing Cyclos users from your Cyclos installation.

Both plugins can be downloaded from the WordPress plugins repository and are described in more detail below.

Cyclos Login WordPress Plugin

The Cyclos WordPress plugin enables you to easily add a Cyclos login form to your WordPress website.

This form is configured to work with the Cyclos demo site, you can login the demo site with the username wpdemo and password 1234. This form is inserted in WordPress just by adding the tag [cycloslogin] into any post or page. And the layout can easily be changed in the CSS of the WordPress theme.

You can download the plugin through WordPress. We created a Wiki page with detailed information on how to setup the plugin.

Here are two screenshots of the admin panel:

Cyclos Users Map WordPress Plugin

With the Cyclos Users Map plugin you can create a map on your WordPress site, showing Cyclos users from your Cyclos installation. In most cases this map is used as a business directory. Because you can show specific groups on a map multiple user maps can be shown on a website.

You can download the Cyclos Users Map plugin from the official WordPress repository.

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